New student research funds from American Society of Naturalists

Nobody would be eligible this year, but something to keep your eye on in the future

Applications for ASN Student Research Award
The ASN announces the first annual Student Research Awards, which support research by student members that advances the goals of the society: the conceptual unification of ecology, evolution, or behavior. The award consists of a $2,000 check to the candidate. An applicant must be a member of the ASN (membership is international), must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, must have passed to candidacy in a PhD program or equivalent, and must be at least one year from completing the PhD. Applicants should send a two-page proposal (not including references). In addition, applicants should include a budget with justification (one page), a short curriculum vitae (two pages), a statement from the PhD supervisor that verifies that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, and the supervisor’s recommendation supporting the research proposed by the student (one page). Projects in all types of resea rch (i.e., laboratory, field, theory) are encouraged. Proposals will be judged on originality, strength and significance of the questions being addressed, prospects for significant results, and the match between the proposed research and the ASN mission. All materials should be compiled into one PDF file and sent via e-mail to with “ASN Student Research Award” in the subject line. Deadline for submission of all materials is January 31, 2012. More information is available at



About Bruce Kendall

I'm a professor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My research is primarily in ecological theory, with a population approach. I work in a number of applications including coastal fisheries, population viability analysis, and conservation biology; I do fundamental theoretical work on the implications of among-individual variability for population dynamics. I'm also an Associate Dean of the Graduate Division at UCSB.
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