Joe to present in lab group on Thursday Oct. 27

Time: 10 AM

Place: Pine room (BH 3526)


About Bruce Kendall

I'm a professor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My research is primarily in ecological theory, with a population approach. I work in a number of applications including coastal fisheries, population viability analysis, and conservation biology; I do fundamental theoretical work on the implications of among-individual variability for population dynamics. I'm also an Associate Dean of the Graduate Division at UCSB.
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1 Response to Joe to present in lab group on Thursday Oct. 27

  1. jstover says:

    I think I misspoke during the talk. Crow asked if heterogeneity could ever give a platykurtic dispersal kernel. I said yes. However, in the simple case of heterogeneity in diffusivity, this is incorrect. Since the kurtosis of the heterogeneous dispersal kernel is given by


    And we can never have a negative variance, then heterogeneity can never give a platykurtic kernel. \text{Kurt}(x) will always be at least 3 (that of a Gaussian).

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