NSF considering funding research on connectivity modeling

NSF has just said that they are “considering” making an award for the grant proposal from Dave Siegel, Bruce Kendall, and Rachel Simons on Quantifying the importance of biological factors in the estimation of larval connectivity and population dynamics in the coastal ocean.  This provides substantial funding for Rachel and will allow us to advance the F3 connectivity models.

As the email says,

Important: This is not an official award decision. The official notification must come from the Division of Grants and Agreements after the recommendation of the Division of Ocean Sciences.

But I’ve never known of a situation where they send this email unless they are 99.99% sure that they are going to make the award.

About Bruce Kendall

I'm a professor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My research is primarily in ecological theory, with a population approach. I work in a number of applications including coastal fisheries, population viability analysis, and conservation biology; I do fundamental theoretical work on the implications of among-individual variability for population dynamics. I'm also an Associate Dean of the Graduate Division at UCSB.
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