EEMB 595TE: organizational meeting, Monday October 1st, at noon in LSB 4307

This is something that most lab members should be interested in.

Details from Cherie Briggs:

EEMB 595TE is the weekly seminar/discussion group for topics in Ecology and Evolutionary Theory, organized by Roger Nisbet, Steve Proulx, and Cherie Briggs. The first meeting for fall quarter will be Monday, October 1st at noon in LSB 4307.

The tentative plan for this quarter is to have people present their current research (rather than working through a book or following a particular theme), but in 595TE we always take requests from the group if there are topics that people would like to cover this quarter.
See you there,

About Bruce Kendall

I'm a professor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My research is primarily in ecological theory, with a population approach. I work in a number of applications including coastal fisheries, population viability analysis, and conservation biology; I do fundamental theoretical work on the implications of among-individual variability for population dynamics. I'm also an Associate Dean of the Graduate Division at UCSB.
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