There are a number of ways to get involved in the lab:

  • Unpaid student interns are always welcome.  Contact the graduate student or researcher whose work most interests you.
  • Available paid student internships are listed below.
  • Prospective Ph.D. students should read the Information for Prospective PhD Students on Bruce’s Bren web page, and then contact Bruce. If research assistantships are currently available, they will be described below.
  • Prospective postdocs should contact Bruce to discuss their qualifications, research interests, and funding opportunities. Any available fellowships will be described below; if nothing appropriate is available, we can help you apply for external funding.
  • Visitors from other institutions are welcome when we have space and your interests match ours. We cannot provide significant funding or computing resources, however.

Paid student internships

None available at this time.

Ph.D. fellowships and research assistantships

None available at this time. However, a number of grant proposals are in preparation or under review that would provide research assistantships for PhD students.

Prospective students with very good GREs and GPAs may be eligible for UCSB fellowships.

Postdoctoral fellowships

None available at this time.